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Order Instructions

Horse hair items require a lock of tail hair about 2cm in diameter.

How to prep your horse hair:

1. Brush the horse's tail thoroughly to remove any knots and debris.

2. Separate a lock of hair about the diameter of your index finger (2cm), from the center of the tail where the hair is longest.

3. Cut this lock of hair near the base of the tail and band the end with a small elastic.

4. Wash the lock of hair in mild dish soap or shampoo to remove any dirt and excess oil and allow to dry. It may be necessary to wash twice.

5. Place the dry lock of hair in a ziploc bag, remove the air, and package it in a standard envelope.

Please use the mailing address listed below to Haileybury, ON

Note: A $5-10 service fee may be applied to unwashed or tangled hair.

Pet Hair items can require as much as a handful of clean hair, packaged in a ziploc sandwich bag and can be mailed in a standard envelope.


All orders must be placed through our Facebook page at this link

Please mail your horse or pet hair to:


Crystal Pascoe

1395 Lakeshore Road

Haileybury, On

P0J 1K0

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Return Shipping

Option 1: Standard Envelope anywhere across Canada $2 (no tracking)

Please be aware that by choosing to ship without tracking does not offer a guarantee of replacement/refund if undelivered. This shipping method is mainly used for blanket tags.

Option 2: Flat Rate Small Box $20 across Ontario with tracking.

For locations outside of Ontario, please request a shipping quote. I can ship across Canada or the USA.

E-Transfer Payment


Thank you for supporting my small business!

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