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We are very proud to offer hand raised chicken, turkey and beef. All meats are butchered locally and Ontario inspected, ready for the freezer. Our animals are fed with locally grown grains, harvested from our own crop fields.
Freedom Ranch meats are 100% hormone and steroid FREE!

*We do our best to keep this price list current, but with rising input costs, prices may change without notice. We appreciate your understanding.

Whole, frozen $5.49/lb
6 piece cut, frozen $8.49/lb (includes boneless breasts, thighs and drumsticks)

We no longer offer pork for sale.

$6.25/lb carcass weight. Butchered in November.
Available by whole or half. Meat comes cut, wrapped and boxed ready for the freezer. Smoking included.

Our cows are pasture raised, spring watered and grained daily.
*Deposit required on beef orders.

Lean Ground Beef $6.99/lb
Stewing Beef $7.99/lb

Whole, frozen $5.75/lb

NEW for 2023
Raw dog food available
Ground Chicken $2.00/lb
Chicken Feet $0.50 each
Ground Beef $2.50/lb

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